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If you have to complete heath safety course training from Metro Safety & Skill Institute institute in India so after complete the course you can take a job such as health safety officer job in India, Safety officer job in Dubai, Fire Safety officer job in India, Industrial fire and safety officer job India or Dubai.


The aim is to ensure that students have the information and skills necessary for an effective job search. To conduct professional training programmes outside the curricula to provide better placements. Arranging preparatory programmes such as seminars, group discussions, written tests/interviews (mock), confidence building and personality development sessions, the general awareness courses etc by experts in their respective fields for students to gauge and handle challenging aspects in their prescribed work sphere.

Those considering careers in various fields are offered career guidance and this is usually based on new and revised information regarding workplace trends. Internships are also offered to those students who are keen on experiencing a slice of workplace life. The Cell also assists the management of the college in generating awareness amongst students about the various opportunities present for them to explore. Individual counselling and group sessions are held to assist in a smoother flow of activity. Acts as a link between students, alumni and the work place.

Placement Process

Few short-listed companies are sent invites by post or electronic mail of On-Campus Recruitments along with Campus Placement Registration Form. Companies send the duly filled Campus Placement Registration Form by post or email to the Training and Placement Office after which an optimum slot is allocated to the firm. Interested students apply to the T&P department once the details of the Company are informed (as given in Campus Placement Registration Form) and the same is communicated to the company.

If needed, Resumes of the applicants are made available for short listing by the company concerned. The Company visits the Campus on the scheduled date for a Presentation. The On-Campus procedure may be held on the same day or on a later date, if collection of Resumes needs to be done in person. The company is expected to furnish the final list of selects on the day of the On-Campus Process. If this is not possible, then the T&P department should be notified beforehand. Once a student is selected in one company he/she will not be allowed to appear for other companies' interviews as per the Recruitment Policy.

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